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English Speaking Schools in Italy

English has become a compulsory language in schools in Italy. Kids from as young as four or five are learning it in Scuola Elementaria. Italians realise how important English has become - and you will often hear it being expressed as a passport to the world. However, at the moment there is a big learning gap between Scuola Media and Superiore. Most of the Medie are situated in small towns or villages on top of the hills, and the areas all speak their own particular type of dialect. The children are lively and mostly undisciplined but at the same time they are enthusiastic about learning English. There are some teachers in the Scuole Medie who are very well spoken and trained to a high level to teach English and then there is the other side of the coin-teachers who don't even understand simple conversation because they haven't learned English very well themselves. This inconsistency is then carried on through the pupils into Scuola Superiore.
Pupils are now more aware of foreign languages due to satellite TV programmes, the Internet, and magazines, and it is more and more difficult to satisfy their needs and interests and find out something really new and exciting: a song or a game they haven’t already experienced in the international fun club of their hotel during the last summer holidays, a cartoon or film hero they haven’t already met on TV or in his official site. Moreover, parents have a lot of expectations because speaking English is seen as a “must” for your life and your job

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